About Us

Gi-Grips were developed out of a very specific need: to increase finger & grip strength in a manner similar to being on the mat.

I’ve been doing jiu-jitsu for about 5 years. I’ve always known that aside from technique, your grip is one of the most important factors in your success on the mat. If you can’t hold on when it matters, you are going to end up being submitted, or even injured.

For years, I used to ask the guys I trained with about different workouts they did in order to get stronger on the mat. One of the ones I asked about specifically was how to improve my grip. They gave me all of the usual ideas: springloaded grip strengtheners, wrist curls, holding heavier weights, doing finger push-ups… all of them good suggestions, but none of them really worked in a way that was similar to being on the mat & holding a Gi.

Eventually I tried various ways to attach weights to my gi. The goal was to make the gi real heavy, and then grip it and hold on to the material. However, this was pretty awkward, somewhat dangerous, & very inconsistent.

Finally, I had a novel idea… cut apart my old gi and use it on the weights. I was surprised to see that it worked! Except, because I had cut the material, it really started to fall apart after repeated uses. My efforts to perfect the idea resulted in the Gi Grip. A simple and innovative way to get an "on the mat" grip workout anywhere!

Try our Gi Grip and see the difference! We guarantee that you'll love the results!